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PARDUBICE 17.–21.03.2014

Monday 17. 3. Prague.

Partners of the project met in Prague. Each of them was pleased to see one another again. Participants went sightseeing alltogether guided by the Czechs teachers. They enjoyed Prague Castle, St. Vitus Cathedral, Lesser Town Square with the St. Nicholas Cathedral. After having a little rest they went over Charles´s Bridge and along Charles the IV road to the Old Town Square where they admired Old Town Hall with the Astronomical clock, the House at Stony Bell and other sights. In the evening they came to Pardubice and were accomodated in their hotels.

Tuesday 18. 3. School; Project work

Everyone underwent the school tour. Then students had talks with the Czech students in their English lessons and teachers took parts in lessons of their specializations.

Afternoon belonged to the project work. The 3rd issues of videos were projected and evaluating seminars were held. Teachers focused on the professional, language, communication, social and international contribution of the project.

Sightseeing in Pardubice historical core closed the day.

Thursday 19. 3. Conference day

37 members of foreigner delegations from Italy, Poland, Romania and Sweden met with students and pupils of Pardubice schools in the House of Technique.

The conference was opened by the information abouth the project School Electronic News, notably the importance of partners meetings. Then the head of European Direct Pardubice Andrea Pavlíková hold her speech about opportunities wichb the European Union provides the young with. After that the head of the City Council Department for international relationship Tomáš Cabrnoch had his speech about the youth in Pardubice.

After the official part the first Chairman of the school editorial team Marek Jílek and the present chairman deputy Libor Adámek went on the moderation the conference. First everyone was enchanted by the wonderful songs by Alžběta Malá, the student in the academy of music. Then each delegation projected their video about school and had a short talk about experience and experiences they lived through in the course of project.

The secopd part of the conference was devoted to workshops. Each delegation arranged projecting videos and prezentations about their schoool, town, country. Participants of the conference took turns in visiting each country corner. They also enjoyed the opportunity to ask questions and made new friends.

Conference was organized without problems. Everyone enjoyed wonderfull decorations, posters made by Ing. Zdeněk Cach from photos taken by students during meetings in partners´ schools. The whole arrangement of the hall was perfectly made by the House Technique technicians. The technical apparatuses and the SPŠE workshop was prepared and supervised by the teacher Milan Štverák.

In the afternoon all SEN teams were welcomed by the Deputy Mayor Ing. Jana Pernicová who is responsuble for the school system, culture and historical sights, the school headmaster Ing. Ladislav Štěpánek and the deputy headmaster Ing. Jaroslav Procházka in the Hall Jana Kašpara.

After the warm speech by Ing Jana Pernicová the excursion to the local brewery followed.

Thursday 20. 3. Excursions, farewell party

Teachers and students went by bus to the castle Hrádek u Nechanic and the Automobile Company Mladá Boleslav where they enjoyed fully automated production of cars.

The last meeting was closed by the farewell party in Philadelfia restaurant. Participants of the project were given certifacates, exchange presents, enjoyed festive dinner which was reallly tasty. Everyone appreciated tha music and songs by the school band.

The project work is not over. It is necessary to complete project webs, popularize project experience and make the final evaluation.

Jana Binarová, coordinator

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After meetings in Sweden, Poland and Roma all teams met at technical lycée Ferdinand in the town of university - Bacau.

All of us met in Bucuresti where our Romanian friends prepared a bus which enabled us not only to travel to Bacau but also to visit Romanian places of interest.

The first stop was in a touristic centre Sinaia where we were impressed with the Carpatian massif. While travelling to Predeal it got dark and started snowing so we were amused with the nice and warm hotel and the tasty dinner.

Next day everyone was curious about the legendary castle Bran. No one expected the castle could be so picturesque. It reminds illustrations of fairy tales we read in childhood. Its secret stairs, narrow corridors and small lovely rooms make a romantic impression. We felt ancient, mysterious atmosphere.

After that the bus was climbing up on a twisted narrow road. It finished in front of another castle – Rasnov. Even if there were only ruins we could imagine how the people lived there in the Middle Ages. After climbing on the top of the mountain we could enjoy a wonderful view of the Carpatian ranges.

We accommodated in Bacau in the evening, checked our videos and newsletter because next day we were supposed to go to school and project the following issue of School Electronic news, which was the main aim if our meeting.

We were welcomed traditionally – with the bread and salt. Teachers and students dressed in nice school uniforms were in festive mood, the school glowed with pleasure, it was nicely decorated with Christmas motives and boards about the project. Attentive guides led us to the main hall where we were welcomed by the headmaster and deputy of EU. Impressive performance about Christmas by small pupils, folk dances and songs by school ensemble followed.

While undergoing the college tour we realized we have the same smart boards, we use different programmes in ICT lessons but with the similar functions. We were captivated with the discussion about globalization in the lesson of History, amused with presentations about our countries in Geography, surprised at making colours of Romanian flag in Chemistry and enjoyed wonderful, lively English lesson.

After the tour each team projected videos about school ceremonies. We learnt a lot about other schools this way. The second videos about the young´s leisure time in towns showed that the youth have similar interests – they enjoy playing football, hockey, skateboarding, doing exercises in fitness centres, dancing etc. Each team also made the 3rd issue of Newsletter with annotations of articles written by students about school events in native language and English. These articles are linked to school webs, so the whole article can be read easily after a click. Newsletters will be sent to cooperating schools, parents etc.

Participants enjoyed the video made by the Czechs about meeting in Roma. Addresses of all videos can be found on www.schoolelectronicnews.eu

The part of the programme was welcoming by the mayor of the town, excursion in university and sightseeing in Bacau.

At the end all participant, including the headmaster and teachers, enjoyed spontaneous farewell party.

Saying good bye was not sad – everyone knew we would meet again in Pardubice 16. – 21.3.3014.

Mgr. Jana Binarová, coordinator

Conclusions Evaluation


Video Video

After meetings in Sweden and Poland partners cooperating in the project SEN were given an opportunity to meet in the school I.T.S. Galileo Galilei in Rome. The aim of the gathering was to evaluate the work which had been done and plan the second issue of the School Electronic News.

All participants were friendly welcomed by the headmaster of the school and kindly guided by warm hosts who helped them whenever needed for the whole meeting. Most parts of the meeting were held in a huge assembly hall nicely decorated with notice boards showing photos of previous meetings and partners work on the project.

The working part started by the presentations about guests countries for at about 100 Italian students in a the assembly hall. These presentations/videos were interesting and well prepared. Everyone appreciated their transmission on a huge and 5 smaller LCD screens.

Then the tour of the school followed. The school came into its existence as the first technical school in Rome. Its building is vast with numerous classrooms, laboratories and workshops. The equipment of the school is both – traditional and modern. Smart boards and PCs are installed in each classroom. What especially attracted guests were the lessons of robotics and workshop with domotic devices.

In the afternoon everyone took part in the excursion with lecture in the firm installing domotic equipment in many countries of Europe. This visit was interesting, notably for boys.

Next day the meeting followed at school. The Czechs presented new information published on the project web. Videos about meetings in Sweden (author Lukáš Pidhorodecký) and Poland (Michal Boháč, Antonín Češík, Tomáš Uchytil) were evaluated by applause. Partners also presented their school project webs. After that the lesson on Citizenship of the European Union was held.

In the afternoon everyone was given „Essential Tourist Guide“ which significantly helped to go sightseeing in downtown Rome. Guests get an excellent opportunity to explore magnificent historic sights.

On the third day teachers gathered at working seminar where they discussed the content of the second issue of SEN – video about school ceremonies and the youth in their towns, newsletter, new content of the dictionary, dates of next audiovisual conference, meetings in Bacau and Pardubice. Summary of the meeting is published on the project web.

Students´ editorial teams arranged brainstorm. They suggested topics to make the videos about.

Then a wonderful excursion to the Town Museum, Sistine Chapel, Rafael´s Room was organized. These guided visits were impressive, participants learnt a lot about history, the ancient world and Renaissance genial artists.

The last day a final meeting was held. Summaries of the teachers meeting, students´ brainstorming were presented. Students read best opinion essays about contributions of working in the project to their personality. The Poles performed a nice presentation about the project realisation which could inspire us how to evaluate the project at the final conference. The lesson on Roman history finished the event.

The whole meeting was well prepared, its aims were carried out.

Thanks belong to Ida Loredano Rossi and Mrs Mariarosari Cercello for the successful preparation of the meeting.

Also, all participants did their best to complete tasks of the project.

Mgr. Jana Binarová, coordinator


Conclusions Evaluation




Students and teachers from Swedish Vaggeryd, Romanian Bacau, Czech Pardubice met in Polish Dzieržoniow to present results of the second period of their project, to learn how Polish school educates its students, to get information about Polish life and culture.

Each participant appreciated a friendly, welcoming atmosphere immediately after entering the school. He realized all the hosts value the project – its logo was projected on LCD screens, used on wallboards, on labels and nice T-shirts everyone was given.


After warm welcoming by headmaster participants took parts in lessons of English or science held in well equipped classrooms. Everyone was enchanted by presentation of robots directed by programmes made by students. Modern equipment of robotic laboratory attracted attention as well.

Next day all participants received the invitation of mayors of the count and town. The meeting was held in the magnificent Knight Hall were local Parliament holds sessions. Both representatives familiarized guests with history and present life in the area. The administrative bodies have succeeded to solve problems with hospital, development and equipment of education in local schools.

After sightseeing informal meeting followed. Hosts were able to arrange a trip to Wroclaw were everyone enjoyed panorama of the battle between Russians and Poles which became a symbol of Polish independence.


Important part of the meeting was devoted to the project. Firstly, the first issues of videos introducing schools and towns were projected. Then Newsletters were presented. The newsletters contain annotations of articles about school events published on school project webs. These newsletters will be sent to school friends by e-mail and placed on the project web.

Participants were informed about the content and possibilities of the use of electronic dictionary. Each partner will insert social expressions in his language and English into it. Others will translate the expressions into his own language.

The last part dealt with the impact of the project on participants. The evaluation was based on students and teachers´ answers of questionnaire. Evaluations are positive, students value the development of their professional, language and communicative skills needed while making videos, websites, photos, writing articles, communication via Skype.

Students highly appreciated learning other cultures, lifestyle and making new friends.

In conclusion, or thanks belong to representatives of the count. The town Dzieržoniow, headmaster of the school, coordinator Aneta Blasczuk and all Polish teachers as well as students who took care of us.

Mgr. Jana Binarová, coordinator


Conclusions Evaluation




Five European technical schools will be cooperating while making the project “School Electronic News” in the course of two following years. The project is granted by their National Agencies for European Education; Leonardo da Vinci partnership.

Cooperation of the schools is based on mutual meetings of students and teachers which will be gradually arranged in each partner´s school – in Swedish Vaggeryd, Polish Dzierzoniow, Romanian Bacau, Italian Rome and Czech Pardubice.

The first meeting was held in Swedish school Fenix at the beginning of December 2012. Each school was represented by four students and two teachers at least. The partner of the project is also the Czech firm Zerone, which was represented by two employees.

Swedish organizers of the meeting prepared a rich programme for each day – students performed interesting presentation about their countries, towns and schools for other students gathered in the big school hall. Conception, content, terms of making the project were discussed at few students and teachers´sessions.

Students and teachers also participated in some lessons. They appreciated friendly atmosphere and relationship between Swedish students and teachers. The Czechs admired that each student is given a school notebook and they are monthly paid with some money for their school attendance.

Students, who were accommodated in families and had felt a little bit shy before the journay, were surprised by warmth and kidness of Swedish friends´parents who acquainted them not only with Swedish lifestyle but also with their work and relatives.

Very friendly atmosphere contrasted with the cold northern weather. The temperature dropped to – 13° C and 10 cm of snow fell. In Sweden it was also getting dark sooner than in our country - at about 2 - 3 p.m. The darkness was surprisingly changed on the first of December, at the beginning of Advent. Suddenly, each window started shining with a sparkling star, each street was lit with lots of various lights. We stopped perceiving the frost and everyone began enjoying the festive atnosphere of foprthcoming Christmas.

Oll of us came home with wonderful experiences, in a good mood and with many tasks we are going to carry out.

Many thanks belong to Birgitta Eriksson, her friend Anetta and the principal Martin Alkemark who arranged such a nice meeting for the project partners.

Jana Binarová, teacher



Leonardo meeting in Vaggeryd Sweden 2012

27.11 to 30.11 was held this international event. Students from Italy, Poland, Czech Republic, Sweden and unfortunately only teachers from Romania met there to make better relations and mainly to discuss the project called School Electronic News „SEN“. The project was granted by National Agencies for European Education, its Leonardo da Vinci partnership which support technical education.

Students from other countries than from Sweden were accommodated at Swedish students, first day after coming to Sweden from their countries.

The main programme started on the sekond day. All the students – guests and hosts went to school „Fenix“ where every country showed presentations about their country, town and school. After that we had lunch in the school cantem which is free for Swedish students. Then students from other countries took part in lessons of their „Swedish friends“. In the evening students from each countries went to the cinema to watt the new James Bond Skyfall movie.

Next day there was on the programme the main purpose of the event which was the project „School Electronic News“. Student from Czech school Lukáš Pidhorodecký was a person who led this presentation. After the presentation discussion followed and all students agreed to make one project web, where every country can add information in the formo f newsletter about events that happened in their school. Also, an idea of making online dictionary with pronunciations of words was accepted. In the evening there was a free program so everybody did what he wanted.

Last day there was discussion how to upgrade main project. After that we had last Swedish school lunch. Students and their teachers from Poland, Italy and Romania were leaving to their countries, but the Czechs stayed there to Sunday, because of the bus timetable which went to thein republic on Sunday.

It was worth staying in Sweden till Sunday because it was very nice experience for all of us.

Tomáš Musil, 2.E

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