Visual aids to make learning/teaching easier



1st outcomes


HDD Disassembly

Hard Disk Disassembly

3D Printers


Thread and Bolt Head Modelling

Laser Cutter

2nd outcomes


3D Print

Modelling of the Nut + CNC production

Adobe Premiere Pro

Digital Technology - Decimal to Binary Conversion

Presentation of Dijon and school Lycée Eiffel

Programming in Python

3rd outcomes

AI Learning

Metal Bending Machine


Autodesk Inventor - Simple Parts 1

Autodesk Inventor - Simple Parts 2

Autodesk Inventor - Connecting Rod

Digital Technology - Basic Gates 1

Digital Technology - Basic Gates 2


Python - QT GUI

Raspberry Pi - Smart Home

Animation in Adobe After Effects

Adobe Premiere Pro - Animated Mask

4th outcomes

Autodesk Inventor - Engine Piston Design

Autodesk Inventor - Crankshaft Design

Autodesk inventor - Assembly

Autodesk inventor - Presentation

Math - Pythagorean Theorem

Wind Turbine

Haas Mini Mill

SolidWorks - Cube

5th outcomes

3D Printing - Fundamentals

3D Printing Process

Construction of a 3D Printer - From Unboxing to the First Print

Digital Technology - NOT, OR, AND, NOR, NAND

Resistors - Ohm Law

Czech Language Lesson

Minecraft - Weapon Texturing

Web Development - HTML Structure

Web Development - CSS styling

Morph Transition in PowerPoint

6th outcomes

Math - Trigonometry


Web Development - JavaScript

Pascal's Law Experiment

1st General Lyceum of Aigio

Aigio City


Temperature Measurement

Peltier Module

Coulomb's Law & Electrical Field

Genetic Science

Audacity - Sound Editing

Music - history of Rock'n'Roll

7th outcomes


Nicht vs. Kein

How to Find the X and Y Intercepts

Virtual Tours - Roundme

3D Model

Microscope - Main Types of Tissues Present in Humans and Animals


LTTA Czech Republic

Electrical Engineering - Dice

Hardware - PC Components

Mobile Android Application - Programming


Pulse Code Modulation

LTTA Greece

3D Scanning

3D Design of a Gothic Arch

Developing a Mobile App With App Inventor

How Drones Fly and Practical Application With Dji Tello

LTTA France

Wind Turbine

Energy Transformation

Wind Turbines

Wind Turbines

LTTA Sweden


Car Engine


Emotional Recognition

Nuclear Energy


LTTA Bulgaria

AI Learning

Practicing Walking

Operating Systems

PowerPoint Morph Animation

LTTA meetings

Meeting in Czech Republic

Meeting in Slovakia

Meeting in Greece

Meeting in France

Meeting in Sweden

Meeting in Bulgaria

Video tutorials


Articles, dissemination


Logo competition