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Learning/Teaching/Training Activity

Second meeting - Vaggeryd



  • Main task was creation of 6 special videos by international teams. Themes of videos: Functions and use of WIFI, Drone, Car engine, Programme Arduino,Nuclear reactor, Enmotional recognition by IT. Also, videos about the mobility in Burgas were projected..
  • Presentations about participants schools, towns, countries were performed.
  • School tour with its modern equipment also included workshops placed in the factory which enables students direct practice in production.
  • Work meeting of team coordinators who evaluated previous project period and planned, discussed the following tasks and the mobility in France.
  • 6 IT videos learning/teaching WIFI Arduino program, Drone functions, Car Engine, Nuclear Reactor, Emotional Recognition made during the mobility were projected and evaluated at the end. The impact of the project on participants was evaluated by questionnaire.
  • Participants were received at municipality and informed about conceptual prosperity of the area.
  • Sightseeing excursions were arranged in automatic production of furniture Kinnarps, Science Centrum and the area library with the digital equipment for students.


Aims, tasks, outputs of the mobility were completed in the compliance with the project Form of Application. The mobility was well arranged by the hosts school, no problems arose. Activity, knowledge and behaviour of participating students was on a high level.

Jana Binarová, coordinator
18. 9. 2022

First meeting - Burgas

REPORT OF THE MOBILITY C2 - BURGAS 20. – 24. 6. 2022


The programme was well prepared by hosts in compliance with the plan stated in the Form of Application:

  • Teams projected methodical videos made by students during the 6th phase. (GR Introduction to 3D design with Tinkecard, SK Photovoltaits, CZ a part of Goniometrical Functions, CSS, HTML, Operating systems PE practicing correct walking)
  • Students were cooperating in 5 international teams for 3 days. They created 5 short videos teaching animation in Power Point, animation in Photoshop, programming, operating systems, Digital Technologies. These videos were projected and evaluated. Each of them satisfied demanded aims and level.(
  • Bulgarian students taught others basic social Bulgarian phrases and vocabulary.
  • Coordinators met at evaluating meeting where they evaluated previous and planned following phase. The most important task is to complete 5 planned videos till the following mobility in Sweden, complete students´ teams, disseminate the project, its mobility on school websites and other public means. Also, the following mobility in Sweden and France were planned as well as possible terms of the rest ones.
  • Lecture how to make videos was given at local university by a specialist.
  • Impact of the project on students was made by questionnaires.
  • Important parts of learning were excursion to historical cultural places – Neseber, Anastazia, sightseeing in Burgas.


Learning, teaching, training aims were completed. Hosts did their best to arrange and organize the first project live mobility on a high level. Apart from planned activities all participants cooperated well, got to know one another, made friendships. They were also welcomed by municipal authorities.

Jana Binarová, coordinator
1. 7. 2022