Czech Republic - Pardubice

Střední průmyslová škola elektrotechnická a Vyšší odborná škola Pardubice

Pardubice Belongs with its 500 students at the age of 16-19 and 60 teachers - highly qualified specialists - to the most prestigious schools in Eastern Bohemia. It provides technical education finished with the School Leaving Exam.

The branches of study are Electronic Communication Devices, Computer Science and Automation, Information Technologies. The project SEN is being made mainly by students studying Information Technologies because they learn required knowledge in special subjects such as multimedia and dynamic web applications, graphics, programming. However, some students studying other branches but they can make a video, take snaps, write texts are participating in the project as well.

The project derives benefit from the fact that study includes practice lessons and practical exercises in numerous ICT laboratories equipped with PCs, data projectors and interactive boards. Also, the part of the School Leaving Exam is final IT products such as a video, web, a programme which show students can use learnt theory in practice.

Learners regularly achieve first positions in technical competitions such as AMAVET. School also organizes ICT competition Pcák in which 50 contestants from primary schools of the region compete every year.

The school functions as a CISCO Academy and ECDL Test Centre.

Romania – Bacau

Colegiul National Ferdinand I

Bacau "Ferdinand I" National College is a 145 years old educational institution situated in an urban area in N-E Romania. It schools 1095 students, aged 6-19, taught by a number of 79 teachers. There are preschool , primary and secondary school classes but most of the students are high school pupils. We offer our high school students general theoretical tuition with a focus onMaths, ICT and mother tongue and foreign languages. There are both special classes of Informatics for students who take an exam that certifies their ICT competences and intensive language study classes for students who graduate by getting a foreign language competece certificate. Most of these students follow an academic career in informatics and programming, language teachinng, medicine, law and justice , economics and many others, in our country as well as abroad.

The school staff has always developed and is still developing various partnership programmes with local, national and international institutions by which students enrich and improve communication, digital, civic and interpersonal techniques and competences, thus rendering them responsible, competitive and self-confident in an ever changing society. This envolvment allows students and teachers alike to learn to be more flexible and tolerant and to feel included in the European community, understanding their role as active citizens responsible for cherishing their own language and cultural heritage as well as embracing the other's similar values. They also feel more motivated to learn and to play an active role in the school curricular and extracurricular activities.

Through the students’ and teachers’ remarkable annualy results in every and each competition we make ourselves better known as an educational institution, both nationally and internatioonally. It is our school policy to be open to new opportunities, to fruitful exchanges that enable us providing our students with equal education opportunities, in our own country and abroad.

Hungary - Cegléd

Ceglédi SZC Közgazdasági és Informatikai Szakközépiskolája

Our school has 528 students (aged 14 to 20) and 40 teachers. The school has 3 floors with a modern, well-equipped computer labs on the top floor.

2 Vocational orientations (grades 9th - 13th):

Main school programes:

Our school is a Language Examination Centre of the language exam: LanguageCert, and also an ECDL Examination Centre.